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The chef recommends:

Buy any 2 medium pizzas

get 1 medium pizza free

Grilled Cheese Sandwich

NYK Special Sandwich (Grilled)

Double Cheese Margherita

Tomato Souce, loads of mozzarella Cheese
85 (7 inch) Order Now

Veg World

Onion, capsicum and fresh Mozzarella cheese
95 (7 inch) Order Now

Mushroom Paradies

Crispy mushroom, jalapinos golden com and mozzarella cheese
115 (7 inch) Order Now


onion, capsicum, mushroom, tomato and fresh cheese
115 (7 inch) Order Now

Maxican Supreme

panner tikka, red pepperika, capsicum and golden com with mozzarella
135 (7 inch) Order Now

Tandoori Deluxe

onion, tandoor paneer, sweet corn, black olives red pepprika, capsicum and tandoori souce
175 (7 inch) Order Now

Garlic Green

garlic oil, onion, tomato, mushroom, bell papper, jalapinos, black olives and Italian cheese.
195 (7 inch) Order Now


crispy mushroom, black olives, red pepprika, green peas, corriender leaves, chilli piri piri, French souce and mozzarella cheese.
215 (7 inch) Order Now

Barbeque Chicken

sweet corn, bbq chicken, tomato souce and cheese
145 (7 inch) Order Now

Chicken Wonder

Chicken tikka, red pepperika and Chicken pepperoni
155 (7 inch) Order Now

Peppy Romance

Spicy pepproni, jalapinos and mozzarella cheese
175 (7 inch) Order Now

Tango Wave

marinated tandoori chicken, capsicum, fresh corriender, green chilli, olives, tandoori souce, And italian cheese.
195 (7 inch) Order Now

Chicken Dominator

garlic, onion, bell papper, chicken tikka, bbq chicken, tomato, golden com, green chilli, salsa souce and fresh oregano
215 (7 inch) Order Now

Crazy Chicken

crunchy mushroom, smoked chicken, black olives, green peas, bolid egg, chilli piri piri and French souce with malted cheese
225 (7 inch) Order Now

Meat Loaded

onion, mushroom, bell papper, pepproni, chicken tikka, tandoori chicken, red pepprika, spicy chicken, black olives and fresh mozzarella
245 (7 inch) Order Now

Aloo Tikki Burger

Herby Veg Burger

American Classic Burger

NYK Spl Burger

NYK Spl Burger+Fries

120 Order Now

2 Herby Veg Burger + 12 Pcs Cheese Ball+Fries

208 Order Now

3 American Classic Burger+Fries+Calzone

300 Order Now

Chicken Burger

Classic Chicken

NYK Spl. Chicken Burger

NYK Spl. Chicken Burger + Fries

149 Order Now

3 Pcs Classic Chicken Burger + 8 Pcs Chicken Wings + 12 Pcs Chicken Popcorn

415 Order Now

Garlic Bread with cheese

Maxican Garlic Bread

Spicy garlic Bread

Chicken Cheese Garlic Bread

Chicken Wings

Chicken Popcorn

French Fries

Cheese Ball

Cold Coffee With Ice Cream

Veg. Calzone

165 Order Now

Non Veg. Calzone

195 Order Now

Penne Pasta

With Red Souce

Penne Pasta

With White Souce
129 Order Now

Fusilli Pasta

With Red Souce

Fusilli Pasta

With White Souce
129 Order Now

Pizza Mini Delight


Pizza Mini Delight


Fried Chicken

2 Pcs.

Fried Chicken

4 Pcs.
190 Order Now

Fried Chicken

8 Pcs.
340 Order Now

Fried Chicken

12 Pcs.
512 Order Now

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